Increase knowledge and ability to become people of knowledge, faith and noble character, to bring the mind and heart closer to Allah.


  1. Understanding the sciences of Allah and continuing to strive to become human beings who believe and have knowledge and are devoted to Allah, based on the Qur'an and Hadith.
  2. Build noble character, such as being wise, forgiving, patient, generous, honest, fond of doing good, not giving up, being able to be independent and solving various problems, to love Allah above all else.
  3. Eliminate bad morals such as pride, likes to be praised, excessive love of the world, lying and so on.


The website, called Transrational, is intended to develop and communicate Islamic knowledge research based on the Qur'an and Hadith. Transrational is a method to explain and understand the sciences of Allah, and also as a bridge of thought to explain from irrational science to rational science. Readers can participate and discuss about the universe and other sciences regarding the infinite hereafter on this website, including discussing efforts to form noble character, the morals of the Prophets and Apostles. The research carried out is intended to understand the irrational, transrational and rational thoughts of each individual and build a humble soul before God and fellow human beings. For example, by using transrational thinking, it can be explained that the universe was not created suddenly as Hawking argues, but there is a regular culmination process.

The universe was created by Allah in a period of trillions of years ago, or 14 billion years ago according to astronomers. In the Hadith Qudsi Allah says, that "the first (matter) creature, the most beloved, and the greatest is the reason (mind)". The reason that is meant is not the mind that exists in humans, but Allah named 'reason' for the first material that He created. The reason is meant to be a fine particle-forming material (former reason also known as rasie matter). This material is massless, has a bright light, is very subtle (unseen), has a superluminous speed, which is degraded from Essence, Light, Spirit, and the Attributes of Allah (all creations are from Allah). Trillions of diverse and unseen mind formers were formed, assimilated, adapted and formed the spatial dimension of God's Providence Spaces (G-Pros) with an innumerable number of spatial dimensions (layers/hijabs). After forming the G-Pros spatial dimension, the former degrades the speed, frequency, light waves and causes light to decrease, to form a spatial dimension of 70,000 Veils (hijabs) of Light and Darkness, abbreviated G-Velids. So, what is meant by Hadith Qudsi regarding 70,000 Veils of Light and Darkness is the blue-print for the creation of the spatial dimension to form the Great Universe. That's why in the last hijab (spatial dimension) of the 70,000 Veils of Light and Darkness, Allah explained it in Surah Al-Anbiya verse 30 which is called 'a Unified Entity' (Integrated Entity). All of the self-degrading formers gather together with limited motion, tightly packed onto the integrated entity, and they reacted at high speed. Due to their high density, the accumulated power is tremendous and their movement is limited. Then the former wit forced his way out of the Integrated Entity with a very powerful bang. It is estimated that the energy released in 1045   is more powerful than experts estimate 1030. This big bang creates a scattering of the former, and they move with a centripetal force to create a spatial dimension called The Great Universe, which is a large universe that holds 210 spatial dimensions (universes).  The great universe is in the last veils (spatial dimensions) of 70,000 veils.  What scientists consider to be the big-bang today, was only one last and minor event that occurred in this last spatial dimension of our universe (the last universe). Meanwhile, what is meant by the big bang in a solid (Al-Anbiya '30), is 210 multiples of the big bang event that scientists mean.

If Allah previously created 70,000   Veils of Light and Darkness (G-Velids) easily, which is a degradation of the G-Pros spatial dimension, then to create 210 spatial dimensions (universes) in The Great Universe is even easier. All of nature's creation follows a process with regular and balanced sequences. After the spatial dimension of The Great Universe is formed, then in an orderly and balanced process the 70 initial (first) spatial dimensions (universe) are created which are intended for the maintenance of nature. Then the second 70 spatial dimensions (universes) were created, namely the Baqa (afterlife realm) and then the last 70 spatial dimensions (universes) were the Fana (mortal realm). All 210 universes are held by The Great Universe. Right now, we are in the last universe (spatial dimension) of 210 universes, and there is no more universe after this spatial dimension (universe) of our physical world.

The most devastating big-bang event was when the integrated entity degenerated itself into the Great Universe, and experienced 210 booms (big-bangs) to spread micro-particles to the next spatial dimension. While the former mind, which is in trillions, continues to degrade, degenerate, assimilate, adapt to each spatial dimension by decreasing its speed, light waves, frequency and increasing mass, are in every spatial dimension and in all of Allah's creatures. Therefore, all of God's creatures are given reason according to their level, some are as big as one particle, two particles and some are many (Hadith Qudsi). With that reason they also glorify, obey, and submit to Allah. Allah explains that everything in the heavens and on earth glorifies Allah (Al-Isra’ 44; At-Taghabun 1-6, An-Nur 41; Al-Hashr 21), that is, with the intellect that was given with different levels and sufficient for all his creatures. Baqa's natural is in the 71st spatial dimension, namely the spatial dimension of the formation of heaven and hell. The history of human existence begins with the creation of Adam in the space dimension Realm of Baqa. Then, because of transgression and disobedience to Allah. Adam and Eve were sent down from the Realm of Baqa to the spatial dimension of the Mortal Realm, especially in the last spatial dimension, which is where our bodies are today (earth). On this earth, Adam's body lived, reproduced, and died (Al-A'raf 25; An-Naba' 8). And the human body was created to have the characteristics of complaining, miserly (Al-Ma'arij 19-21); weak (An-Nisa 28); unjust and ignorant (Al-Ahzab 72). Allah sent down the Qur'an and gave instructions for overcoming life's problems, bad characters, so that humans are knowledgeable and return to their hometowns in the afterlife country safely.